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  • Digital marketing leader with more than 15 years of experience generating revenue growth, creating content, and optimizing the customer experience at global brands, like Nike, L'Oreal, and Meta (Facebook)

  • Founder of Eastend Marketing, a boutique marketing agency

  • Contributing Writer for Entrepreneur Magazine on topics like media, E-Commerce, and leadership

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Eastend Marketing has partnered with UN Women USA NY. Melissa served as their Social Media Director and managed their social media presence across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter to increase brand awareness and traffic.
Eastend Marketing's client is Wellesley College. Melissa Stone worked on their digital marketing to support the pre-college summer program for high school students.
Eastend Marketing has partnered with the American Marketing Association (AMA Boston and AMA New York). For AMA Boston, Melissa is sits on their Board as VP of Communications and manages email. For AMA New York, Melissa has generated blog content.
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